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Explorer Chocolate Truffle Collection
Explorer Chocolate Truffle Collection
Explorer Chocolate Truffle Collection
Explorer Chocolate Truffle Collection

Explorer Chocolate Truffle Collection

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This collection of chocolate ganache truffles is a true flavor exploration! Travel to the far reaches of the globe and taste the exotic flavors of distant lands with this adventuresome assortment.

  • Chipotle & Spice Truffle* - 54% dark chocolate ganache with the subtle spice of chipotle, nutmeg & cinnamon
  • Miso & Sesame Truffle* - rich and savory miso and toasted sesame blended with vegan 47% dark chocolate ganache
  • Curry Truffle* - 32% milk chocolate ganache infused with sweet curry and garnished with toasted macaroons
  • Chai Truffle* - milk chocolate with our chocolatier’s own blend of black tea and chai spices
  • Orange & Cardamom Truffle** - 65% dark chocolate ganache with sweet orange and spicy cardamom
  • 'Tropical Bellini' Truffle** - white chocolate ganache blended with a locally made sparkling wine, pineapple, mango and guava
  • Blackberry & Chili Truffle** - sweet Michigan blackberries and chili heat combine in this 85% dark chocolate truffle
  • Pomegranate Truffle** - 48% milk chocolate ganache infused with tart pomegranate 
  • Honeycomb Truffle** - 65% dark chocolate with locally-cultivated honeycomb and bee pollen garnish
  • Tamarind, Lemon & Chili Truffle - 56% dark chocolate truffle with spicy chili and tangy tamarind and lemon
  • Rose Petal Truffle - white chocolate ganache, lightly perfumed and delicately flavored with rose petal jam
  • Amber Ale Truffle   - 62% dark chocolate ganache with locally-brewed amber ale and salted pretzel garnish


* also included in the 4-piece and 9-piece assortments
* also included in the 9-piece assortment


contains alcohol   contains gluten   locally sourced   spicy   vegan