We are open for walk-in business, and are taking telephone orders for curbside pick-up (269) 381-9700. Availability of some items may be limited, so substitutions may be necessary. Stay safe & well!

How We Are Responding To The Corona Virus

Dear friends,

This time of social distancing has been hard on all of us. It has reminded us of how much we value our community and the opportunities we often take for granted to share closeness, conversation, smiles and hugs. At the same time, we understand the need to protect one another, and to limit the opportunities for the transmission of the corona virus. To that end, we are taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of our customers and staff.

  • Cleanliness:
    • We have always worked hard to maintain a hygienic production and sales environment. We are increasing our efforts to sanitize work spaces and frequently touched surfaces such as touch screens, door knobs, fixtures and faucets.
    • We are especially mindful of the need to wash hands thoroughly and frequently, and are also providing hand sanitizer for employees and guests to use when making transactions.
    • As always, we are using clean food service gloves whenever we are in direct contact with our product.
  • Prevention:
    • We are asking all customers and staff to wear face coverings when in the building and in proximity to others.
    • We are asking customers and staff to maintain 6-foot social distancing as possible while in our little shop.
    • We have installed sheet plastic barriers between our customers and our staff in our retail sales area.
    • We are offering parking lot pick-up in addition to in-store sales. We encourage those at greater risk to utilize this service.
    • We are screening employees for symptoms of Covid-19 on a daily basis, and will require staff who exhibit or report symptoms, or who have had contact with someone who is sick to stay home and seek medical attention as needed.
  • Awareness:
    • We are keeping ourselves informed about best practices related to the corona virus, and will update our policies and practices as new guidance and information comes to light.

We trust that by working together, we will make it through this trying time, and will be able to fully celebrate our beloved community in the not too distant future.