We are open for walk-in business, and are taking telephone orders for curbside pick-up (269) 381-9700. Availability of some items may be limited, so substitutions may be necessary. Stay safe & well!

Our Convictions


  • We believe in the transformative power of employment in the lives of people making new beginnings
  • We believe in making wholesome, delicious, high quality confections
  • We believe in utilizing organically grown, fair trade & locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible
  • We believe in treating our customers, employees, and suppliers in an honest, friendly and professional manner
  • We believe in supporting environmental stewardship through our choices of ingredients, processes and packaging
  • We believe in providing fair compensation for our employees and for those whose labors provide our ingredients and supplies
  • We believe in hiring people who have barriers to regular employment
  • We believe in working to make our business, community, and world more peaceful, just, joyful and environmentally sustainable