PLEASE READ: If you are shipping to a warm location we STRONGLY RECCOMMEND choosing no longer than 2-day shipping. Even with insulated packaging and ice packs, the chocolate is unlikely to keep from melting if in transit for a longer time. We are a tiny shop that makes everything fresh, and literally by hand. We may need to make some substitutions in order to fulfill orders quickly. Feel free to give us a call before ordering, to check on avaiability and to make sure that timely delivery is possible. Thanks for your support of our little business, which is transforming fair trade, organic chocolate & locally-sourced ingredients into wholesome & delicious confections that are handmade by individuals who are overcoming barriers and making new beginnings.

Wholesale & Special Orders

Our wholesome and delicious chocolate confections make wonderful client gifts and wedding favors. We also offer wholesale pricing for retailers who want to carry our products in their store.

For more information about products and prices, please fill out the form below and tell us a little more about your business or event. Whatever your need, we'll help you pick out something that's perfect for you.