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Classic Chocolate Truffle Collection
Classic Chocolate Truffle Collection
Classic Chocolate Truffle Collection
Classic Chocolate Truffle Collection

Classic Chocolate Truffle Collection

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All of our best-selling chocolate ganache truffles in one signature collection. Our chocolatier has hand-picked each assortment to showcase our most popular white, milk and dark chocolate confections in a range of classic flavors.

    • Very Dark Chocolate Truffle* - dark chocolates from Venezuela and Peru blended into a silky ganache
    • Cheesecake Truffle* - a creamy blend of white chocolate and cream cheese with graham cracker crumbs
    • Peanut Butter & Sea Salt Truffle* - 56% dark chocolate ganache with creamy peanut butter and red sea salt
    • Orange Truffle* - 32% milk chocolate ganache infused with orange and garnished with orange sugar
    • Chai Truffle** - 32% milk chocolate with our chocolatier’s own blend of black tea and chai spices
    • Irish Cream Truffle** - 32% milk chocolate ganache blended with Irish cream liqueur and garnished with a dark chocolate swirl
    • Honeycomb Truffle** - 65% dark chocolate with locally-cultivated honeycomb and bee pollen garnish
    • Raspberry & Cream Truffle** - white chocolate ganache infused with sweet and tangy raspberry and dusted with raspberry sugar
    • Hazelnut Crunch Truffle** - 36% milk chocolate ganache with crunchy hazelnut croquant
    • Orange & Cardamom Truffle - 65% dark chocolate ganache with sweet orange and spicy cardamom
    • Cherries & Cream Truffle  - white chocolate ganache with organic tart Michigan cherries dipped in 68% dark chocolate
    • Espresso Truffle - 70% dark chocolate ganache infused with locally-roasted espresso from Kalamazoo’s own Water Street Coffee


    * also in the 4-piece and 9-piece assortments

    ** also in the 9-piece assortment


    contains gluten   locally sourced   contains alcohol


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